A Night Alone

Finally a night to myself! This never happens because I am either stuck working at Derby escorts or I have a house full of screaming children as well as my cranky husband. So needless to say I have locked all of my doors and no one will be entering tonight. Well unless it is an emergency. I plan on running a hot bubble bath with multiple scented candles and when I am through I am going to lounge on the couch in my pajamas watching the history channel until my eyes grow to heavy to stay open. Oh and did I mention delivery? I have been craving Chinese food but no one else in my house likes it so I never get this opportunity. I honestly feel like I was just granted a million dollar vacation except for the fact that my night off ends in eleven hours, fifteen minutes and twenty two seconds!

Final Goodbye

It has been a long time coming but my father finally passed away last night. He has been suffering from cancer for just about five years before he took his last breath. He certainly made the most of his time while he was here. He was a father to two of his own children and a grandfather to five kids that he loved with every inch of his heart. Luckily for my father he retired from Gateshead escort agency just a few months before he was diagnosed. This meant he was able to live comfortable and stay right at home and not in some old hospital bed. During his last few months he spent a majority of the time with the grandchildren so they would get to know him a little bit better. Although the kids may never remember his last days as they are all so young, they were certainly loved with every inch of his heart in his last few days.

What’s Going On?

I have had the cold chills all day and I just want to sit in the shower for hours on end! It started last night after I got home from Manchester escorts. I did not drink or anything so I don’t know what is going on right now. I hope I am not coming down sick because I have a newborn at home and cannot risk her being sick! I know they need to get sick to build an immune system up but what I have going on would not be good for her at all. Not to mention the fact that I cannot go to work and leave her while she is not feeling good. If it is just me I don’t mind suffering through a work day, but I love that little girl so much and would not do that to her. She needs her mumma when shes sick.

Meeting a Guy Online

I have had some really great dates by using fuck buddy websites to meet people. I am a very nice girl, but I work a lot, and I have trouble approaching people. I am a little shy at first, but I open up quickly. This makes online dating perfect for me. I get to know someone a little before I go on a first date with them. Since I know a little about the person, it is easier for me to think of things to talk about during the first date.

For example, I recently met a guy from one of the dating websites, but we chatted online for about a week before we met up. By the time we sat down at the coffee shop together, I felt at ease sharing stories about my life with him because I knew about his family, his career and even a little bit about his dating history.

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